made by hand

All meat, no filler, our ground beef is made from the trim we get from
cutting our steaks and roasts. Pure 100% beef, with no artificial color.

providing the highest quality ground meats

Our beef is hand cut, trimmed, and ground daily at each location.  Because we pride ourselves on only producing the best quality ground beef our percentages are usually leaner than stated.

Ground Sirloin

Our leanest ground beef.
Suggested uses; soups, stews
and sauces.
95% lean, 5% fat

Ground Round

A lean ground beef.
Suggested uses; meatloaf and
lean burgers.
90% lean, 10% fat

Ground Chuck

Our middle ground beef. Not
too lean, not too fat.
Suggested uses; Burgers,
tacos and meatballs
80% lean, 20% fat

Ground Beef

Our economy ground beef.
Suggested uses; burgers.
70% lean, 30% fat