WHERE IT ALL BEGAN…..A Brief History of Jack’s Market

Jack’s Fruit & Meat Markets, formally known as Jack’s Fruit Market, was established in June of 1973 by Jack and Marci Stehle in Essexville, Michigan.  The original intent was to provide a place where people could shop for fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.  

The core intent has remained the same, but now the “one location” on the corner of Center & Pine, has grown into five locations serving the Tri-City area.

So let’s back up to where it all began in 1973.   Jack had just graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in business.  The original store was rented that first year and purchased the following year on June 10, 1974

In 1979, we opened the second Jack’s Fruit Market in Midland.  Still focusing on Fresh fruits and vegetables.

In 1983, we opened the third Jack’s Fruit Market in Saginaw on Bay Road.  The focus remained the same, fresh fruits and vegetables all year long.  

In 1984, the original store in Essexville was expanded, opening the first full-service meat department.  This addition turned Jack’s Fruit Market into Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market.  The addition of fresh meat was so well received by our customers that we decided to add it to our Saginaw location in 1985.

In 1989 our fourth market was built and opened in Shields.  This location was a smaller version of our other markets offering fresh meat and produce.

In 1993, we relocated and expanded the Midland store to a larger facility where we added a full-service meat department.


We opened the fifth Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market in 1998, on Salzburg Avenue on Bay City’s west side. 

In 2004, we built a new Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market in Shields.  The new store was built at the same location, but nearly tripled the size of the old store. 

10 years later in 2014, our last big expansion was the relocation of our Bay Road store.   It allowed us to grow from our smallest market to the largest Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market.


Through everything, our focus has remained the same.  Provide our customers with the freshest cuts of meat and the best produce available.  During the summer months, we buy from local farmers, this ensures the freshest fruits and vegetables for our customers.  When local produce is not available, we send our own trucks to Detroit and Grand Rapids several times a week to bring the highest quality, fresh produce back for our customers.

June 18, 2018, Jack’s will be celebrating its 45th anniversary.   It all began with just 10 employees and has grown to over 300.   We couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of our loyal customers, our dedicated employees and excellent management team!!  Our family and employees are proud to have served the Tri-City area and we are looking forward to many more years of service to our community.